Summer themed home decor tips:

Summer is that season when everything around seems to be happy. With the birds singing, the bees humming and all the good things happening, summer is perfect. And when it is so bright and sunny outside, why should your lovely home be left behind? Bring the summer cheer into your home with these simple, yet practical tips!

Bring the color in:

Summer gives you a reason to be all bright and vibrant! So why not introduce this colorful and vibrant into your home? No, you needn’t paint your home over again – but yes, what you can do is introduce pops of colors here and there to give your home a summery look! Bring in colored pots, vases, paintings and you’re all set to go!

Bring out the furniture:

The snow and rain are all gone – it’s time to be happy and free! You can get out the furniture of your home out into your yard and have some pleasant breakfasts out there with the summer breeze gently flowing!

Go bohemian:

Which means to bring in whatever you want to, to give your home a hippie, colorful and lively look! Add in home decor articles that are all bold, with floral imprints or those inspired by nature! You can do whatever you feel like when it comes to this look, so set your creativity free!

Get in sheer curtains:

Sheer curtains are the best! You don’t want too much of the summer light coming in, and you want your privacy too – sheer curtains are the best answer to it! Not only do they give a breezy look, but they actually are breezy also!

Colored cushions are a way to go:

Change the cushions of your furniture, and adorn them with bright summery colors! Pillows can change the look of your home, giving it a more cozy and warm feel! Make sure the colors are lovely and vibrant – perfect to suit the summer mood!

Hanging gardens:

Remember where I mentioned shifting furniture outside? Now, how about adorning this furniture with plants? Get in a variety of flowering plants, creepers, herbs to give your outdoor a fresh look. Hang these around and place them randomly to give a colorful palette look!

Get the flowers in:

The flowers from the plants above, why restrict them to the outside? Get them in, awaken your creative mode and create floral sets! Spruce up the look of your home with these floral setups!

So, got the summery feel already?