How to infuse floral prints in home decor:

Decorating your home is a fun task. Moreover, if you are one of those decor freaks who love redoing their home often, this one’s definitely for you. We’re talking about how floral prints made their entry into the home design sector and have impressively managed to stay back for a long while! With the beginning of spring, we thought why not dedicate an article floral prints and their applicability in home decor.

So if you’re looking to introduce floral prints in your home, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

    1. Keep it minimal. The floral prints look really good, but only if you know how and where to use them. If you use them a lot, in every corner of your home, there’s a possibility of the charm of the entire look to be lost. So make sure you keep it minimal and don’t overdo it.
    2. If you’re going in for floral prints on the walls of your home, choose one wall where the elaborate floral prints will look best. The best part about the one wall rule is that it the overall look will be fantastic even if you use the boldest of floral designs. Keep the rest of the walls plain and easy; this will make sure the floral wall stands out.
    3. You needn’t restrict florals to the walls itself – you can include them in other elements of your home too. A lovely flowery tablecloth on plain colored furniture or bright floral cushions on a plush white sofa – you could add the floral look to any small home decor items across your home to make sure there’s neither too much nor less of the flowers.
    4. In your plain white (or any other pastel color) walled bedroom, add some florals on the headboard to give it a dramatic, yet elegant look. Try this out and see how strikingly different your bedroom will look!

  1. Why stick to the synthetic florals only? Especially when you have the option of introducing real life, fresh and fragrant flowers in your home? Look out for nooks and corners in your home which you can brighten up using flowering plants. These not only give your home an earthy look but also add the necessary splash of color to it!
  2. For your walls, you could even use framed pressed flowers from your garden to give it a dramatic, mystic yet chic look. And what’s a better way than preserving your most favorite flowers than this?

Don’t wait, start looking out as to how you can incorporate florals into your home!