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Summer themed home decor tips:

Summer is that season when everything around seems to be happy. With the birds singing, the bees humming and all the good things happening, summer is perfect. And when it is so bright and sunny outside, why should your lovely home be left behind? Bring the summer cheer into your home with these simple, yet practical tips!

Bring the color in:

Summer gives you a reason to be all bright and vibrant! So why not introduce this colorful and vibrant into your home? No, you needn’t paint your home over again – but yes, what you can do is introduce pops of colors here and there to give your home a summery look! Bring in colored pots, vases, paintings and you’re all set to go!

Bring out the furniture:

The snow and rain are all gone – it’s time to be happy and free! You can get out the furniture of your home out into your yard and have some pleasant breakfasts out there with the summer breeze gently flowing!

Go bohemian:

Which means to bring in whatever you want to, to give your home a hippie, colorful and lively look! Add in home decor articles that are all bold, with floral imprints or those inspired by nature! You can do whatever you feel like when it comes to this look, so set your creativity free!

Get in sheer curtains:

Sheer curtains are the best! You don’t want too much of the summer light coming in, and you want your privacy too – sheer curtains are the best answer to it! Not only do they give a breezy look, but they actually are breezy also!

Colored cushions are a way to go:

Change the cushions of your furniture, and adorn them with bright summery colors! Pillows can change the look of your home, giving it a more cozy and warm feel! Make sure the colors are lovely and vibrant – perfect to suit the summer mood!

Hanging gardens:

Remember where I mentioned shifting furniture outside? Now, how about adorning this furniture with plants? Get in a variety of flowering plants, creepers, herbs to give your outdoor a fresh look. Hang these around and place them randomly to give a colorful palette look!

Get the flowers in:

The flowers from the plants above, why restrict them to the outside? Get them in, awaken your creative mode and create floral sets! Spruce up the look of your home with these floral setups!

So, got the summery feel already?

Family health – things to keep in mind:

Raising a well-bred family is indeed a task. There are so many things running in your mind that often, some things just skip off. And these happen to be the most important! So what are the few important things about family health, which you should never skip from your mind? Let’s have a look!

Watch what goes in:
Binging on junk food once in a while is perfectly fine, but don’t make it an everyday affair. In case you aren’t able to manage your time, make it a point to chart out a weekly schedule of the things you have to cook the following week so that you are prepared well in advance. This ensures not only healthy meals for your family but also proper time management for you! And yes, make it a point to include all healthy, nutritious stuff in your weekly plan, which will make sure every member of your family eats well and stays healthy and happy!

Emphasise on physical activity:
As parents, you have to set an example for your children. If you are stuck with your smartphones all day long, your kids will demand to do so too. Make it a point to include some or the other physical activity in your daily routine, which will make sure everyone stays fit – not to forget the precious family bonding time you get to spend with each other! And yes, don’t spare the grandparents – make it a point for them to have their share of exercises too!

Mental health is important too:
We are so obsessed about maintaining ourselves physically, that mental health entirely skips off our minds. As a family, you need to talk, to communicate with each other about the things you feel, the things troubling you so that you have someone reliable and trustworthy to get it all out. And as parents, as elders in a family, you should encourage open discussion and interaction with each other. This will keep everyone in a good, happy state of mind.

Proper medical care:
You need to take the responsibility of ensuring timely vaccinations, doses of essential medicines and all other things relevant to the health of your family. Have an experienced and reliable doctor to back upon, in case something unfortunate occurs. Also, basic first aid, CPR and other such essentials should be taught to every member of the family. You don’t want these things to happen, but it is always good to be prepared as to how to react when something like this happens.

Taking care of a family, and ensuring all-round development, comprehensive care to every member may seem a tough job. But it’s not impossible! And you needn’t be perfect either – learn from your mistakes and move on, better prepared next time!

Healthy herbs to include in your family’s diet:

Cooking food is a therapy (for most, if not all!). And moreover, preparing food for the ones you love the most is probably the best feeling in the world! While you cook, of course, taste matters – but so does nutrition! And what if I tell you about some secret ingredients that are healthy and tasty at the same time? Yes, I’m about to introduce you to the world of herbs – delicious and nutritious!

Bay leaves:

Bay leaves are frequent in Asian food. The numerous qualities in bay leaf, make it a must-be in this list! Apart from having immense benefits to combat respiratory disorders, the little bay leaf is perfect for digestive issues too! This makes it a staple in every food item that is heavy to digest. It is also great to manage stress and diabetes as well. So whether it is ground into a powder or paste, make sure you use bay leaves in the food you cook.


Commonly found and rampantly used in India, turmeric is the ultimate herb that’s power-packed with a tremendous number of benefits! Right from toothaches to faster healing of wounds to slowing down cancer, this herb has it all! Including turmeric in your daily diet will benefit you a lot. Loaded with anti-oxidants, this herb is an excellent remedy to improve complexion and combat skin ailments when applied topically!


These tiny pods are super-spices! Garlic not only gives food a fantastic flavor, but it also has loads of other benefits too. The most important of all its advantages is the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nature of garlic. It is also known to aid digestion and control hypertension.


The next time you’re up for pizza, make sure you pick extra oregano seasoning! These tiny herbs may seem to be useless but are actually loaded with a host of vitamins and minerals, making it a perfect anti-oxidant. Including oregano in your daily diet has immense health benefits.


Belonging to the garlic family, chives are perfect cancer-combating agents. It is also known for improving sleep. Including chives in your diet will make your brain sharper, making it easier for you to learn, memorize and pick up new things. This is one primary reason why chives should be included in the diet of young kids.


Obtained from the insides of the cinnamon tree bark, these tiny rolls are loaded with flavor and health benefits! Apart from being an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, cinnamon helps to cut down the risk of heart diseases and reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Apart from this, it lends a mystic taste to the food you cook!

Don’t forget to add these the next time you’re whipping up some dishes!

How to infuse floral prints in home decor:

Decorating your home is a fun task. Moreover, if you are one of those decor freaks who love redoing their home often, this one’s definitely for you. We’re talking about how floral prints made their entry into the home design sector and have impressively managed to stay back for a long while! With the beginning of spring, we thought why not dedicate an article floral prints and their applicability in home decor.

So if you’re looking to introduce floral prints in your home, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

    1. Keep it minimal. The floral prints look really good, but only if you know how and where to use them. If you use them a lot, in every corner of your home, there’s a possibility of the charm of the entire look to be lost. So make sure you keep it minimal and don’t overdo it.
    2. If you’re going in for floral prints on the walls of your home, choose one wall where the elaborate floral prints will look best. The best part about the one wall rule is that it the overall look will be fantastic even if you use the boldest of floral designs. Keep the rest of the walls plain and easy; this will make sure the floral wall stands out.
    3. You needn’t restrict florals to the walls itself – you can include them in other elements of your home too. A lovely flowery tablecloth on plain colored furniture or bright floral cushions on a plush white sofa – you could add the floral look to any small home decor items across your home to make sure there’s neither too much nor less of the flowers.
    4. In your plain white (or any other pastel color) walled bedroom, add some florals on the headboard to give it a dramatic, yet elegant look. Try this out and see how strikingly different your bedroom will look!

  1. Why stick to the synthetic florals only? Especially when you have the option of introducing real life, fresh and fragrant flowers in your home? Look out for nooks and corners in your home which you can brighten up using flowering plants. These not only give your home an earthy look but also add the necessary splash of color to it!
  2. For your walls, you could even use framed pressed flowers from your garden to give it a dramatic, mystic yet chic look. And what’s a better way than preserving your most favorite flowers than this?

Don’t wait, start looking out as to how you can incorporate florals into your home!