Clash Royale: The best maps at a glance

Clash Royale is a strategy game from Supercell and if you want to play in the front, you should put together your cards. We help you to show you the best card decks. Get your tactics to victory.

In Clash Royale, you’ll find 48 different cards, from which you can add eight cards to your deck. Cards come more often (Ordinary cards) ,rare (Rare cards) or very rare (Epic cards) . Two cards are even legendary , this you will most often get to see.

Ground units and air units can again after Melee and Ranged are divided. Moreover, there are spells and buildings which can accommodate you in your deck. Clash Royale Hack

Deck suggestions for Clash Royale

Not all cards are available at the beginning. You must earn these by opening boxes. This is why we will list here both simple decks, which you can use relatively early, as well as more specific decks, which you can take with you to the higher level in the fight. Considering also that the developer values of the cards regularly adjust with updates and of the deck thicknesses are concerned.

Battle Deck (Arena 5)


The deck is cost-effective (3.5 elixir) and good on the offensive, as well as on the defensive. In the defense, you place small units, such as the goblins or speccoboards, against opposing knights or pigs. On the offensive, you throw a pig or barbarian into the arena, followed by a mage with archer. With the spells, you also cause damage to the area and damage to the Crown towers. Note that this deck is disadvantageous against Bomb towers because it does not include any flight units. Clash Royale Cheats

Starterdeck – Lowlix (Arena 2)


With this map deck, you can always send troops back into the arena, as the elixir costs of all units are small. Put the gravestone and run with the knight and Goblin. Behind them are archer, specker, and the bomber.

Defensive Deck (Arena 4)

With this deck you play as defensively as possible. Build up your defense and wait for the enemy to release a lot of elixirs for an attack. Then send the Prince on the other side of the card.

In the defense, you place the Teslat Tower and support your units with the magic spell. Of course you can also use offensive. If your opponent likes to build buildings, you attack him with rockets.

Starterdeck (Arena 1)

Simple deck with balanced offensive defensive ratio. You’ll usually wait until your elixir is charged. Then you start with the giant (at the back), wait until the enemy sets troops or the giant stands at the bridge. Then give the giant cover with archer, skeletal arm or Babydrache.

Battle Deck (Arena 6)

Wait with this deck until the Elixier bar is full and the opponent dares a first move. Counter it with its own building and units like barbarians, baby dragons or arrows. Then attack with a counter-attack and support the above mentioned units with the prince, the magician or the PEKKA – after a successful defensive phase you hit so particularly strongly back.