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travel-ing . A play on the words ” traveling ” and ” travel-ing (enieur)”. And this is not chosen by chance:

On the one hand it is here mainly to the subject Travel. About destinations, route suggestions, sightseeing tips, travel tips, packlists as well as experiences from my previous trips, which I could collect on different parts of the earth.
On the other side of this blog is all “normal people” – ie full-time employees or students – to address that as I also due to a regulated daily routine only a limited period of time (vacation and holidays) for traveling have available. Unlike many other travel blogs so is not the theme ” Digital Nomad ” addressed or “my life while traveling” theme, but what you just experience it in one place or on a travel or have to watch or how well you save money regularly for your travel can .

Although I as a staff full-time Ing ‘m enieur active, I can do it as a frequent traveler to explore the world (usually 8-10 trips per year). My gathered here experience I would like to say in this blog and you give inspiration and travel tips for various destinations.Another important goal of this blog is to you the planning for your next vacation so to make easy as possible . You will receive directions online for round trips (such as 10 days Martinique explore with the car ), whether a road trip with a rental car or a back packing trip , I will show you the major sightseeing and tips on your city break (eg for 3 days in Istanbul) , packing lists , Tips on places to see. Since more than a year I also regularly accompany my Nikon SLR cameras on tour, so I also photo impressions(mainly landscaping -and- animal photography ) – integrating about my travels in this blog.

Travel is for me to life . This does not depend solely on the type of travel.
From backpacking trips with overnight stays in hostels or couchsurfing, to package tours in cheap hotels to city tours in luxury hotels, everything is there.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just planning a trip, whether it’s a backpacker or a luxury traveler, whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, I hope to give you the necessary suggestions, tips and, above all, route suggestions for your future trips .
After all, it’s always about one thing: to have a great and unforgettable time!
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Be there from the beginning and help to make this blog more known.

Have fun!
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